Respected Members,
Greetings from IPHA HQ,
This is to inform you that casting of votes for Fellowship Election 2021-22 has been completed on 11.09.2022 at 11:59 PM. This year eleven members were nominated and finally six of them selected for the Fellowship. 

The result of the election as below:

IPHA Fellowship Election 2021 – 22
Dr. Mausumi Basu132 Votes11687.88%
Dr. Rakesh Kakkar132 Votes8665.15%
Dr. Prashant Kokiwar132 Votes8665.15%
Dr. Kunal Kanti Majumdar132 Votes7254.55%
Dr. S. Muhammad Salim Khan132 Votes6851.52%
Dr. Tulika Goswami Mahanta132 Votes6750.76%
Dr. Madhu Gupta132 Votes6146.21%
Dr. Sadhana Awasthi132 Votes5642.42%
Dr. M. Athar Ansari132 Votes5541.67%
Dr. Ashok Kumar132 Votes4836.36%
Dr. P.S. Sarma132 Votes3728.03%

The fellowship of IPHA will be conferred to the following six members based on online voting (as they secured more than 50% of total casted votes):

1. Dr. Mausumi Basu

2. Dr. Rakesh Kakkar

3. Dr. Prashant Kokiwar

4. Dr. Kunal Kanti Majumdar

5. Dr S. Muhammad Salim Khan

6. Dr. Tulika Goswami Mahanta

IPHA congratulates the newly elected Fellows. The Fellowship will be conferred at the  Inauguration programme of 66th Annual National conference (IPHACON 2022).