MoU between IPHA and Docplexus 

This is to propose that Docplexus would like to be the official knowledge partners of Indian Public Health Association (IPHA). We have recently partnered with Federation of Obstetrics & Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI) and Academy of Family Physicians of India(AFPI). Our intent is only to ‘Empower Doctors’ and help them leverage modern technology to make a positive impact on the society. All we ask for is an exclusive partnership and an opportunity to build up an environment of change and reform the Indian healthcare delivery system by empowering doctors.

Based on our interaction, I wanted to send you a short briefing of what our company is all about. With more than 200,000+ doctors as members, Docplexus is India’s largest and fastest growing online platform of doctors practicing modern medicine.

The scope of partnership will be as following 

  • Docplexus will promote IPHA within community of Doctors in India and Abroad.
  • Docplexus will create microsite of IPHA on Docplexus Platform. 
  • Docplexus will create a featured video library section for IPHA on the microsite.
  • Docplexus will interview leading doctors and post their interviews on the microsite.
  • Docplexus will post content about the IPHA events, journals atleast once in a month. The frequency can be increased under special circumstances at Docplexus’s discretion.
  • Using the microsite, Docplexus will spread views of IPHA to all the users.
  • Docplexus can endorse its partnership with IPHA at all platforms, offline and online.
  • IPHA, Organizing committee would affirm its partnership with Docplexus through an interview.
  • Docplexus may also conduct surveys, webinars and other offline activities. However, Docplexus being a private business is free to find their own sponsor to cover their cost for this partnership initiative.
  • Docplexus will also provide information on IPHA’s upcoming events in the event section of IPHA’s microsite.

IPHA and its organizing committee will ensure the following 

  • Organizing committee will provide Docplexus the access to information related to the event/workshops/journals and other content to be published on the Docplexus website .
  • Organizing committee will provide Docplexus the access to the event/workshops/faculty for conducting the interviews in a separate area. Organising committee will provide access to such separate area at conference location to Docplexus team.
  • Organizing committee will put Docplexus logo and announce Docplexus as their official knowledge partners.


  • Docplexus neither expects any payment for coverage of the event nor pays anyone for the same. We cover and broadcast the events as educational initiative for benefit of the doctors community.
  • IPHA and its organizing committee will claim no fee/charge for this partnership with Docplexus.