Local Branches PGIMER Chandigarh Local Branch President Dr. Amarjeet Singh 9814472226 [email protected]
Hon’y Secretary Dr. Kavita Gauri 9872389990 Not Available
Local Branches Lucknow Local Branch President Prof. Uday Mohan 9415408926 [email protected]
Hon’y Secretary Dr. S K Singh 9415086073 [email protected]
Local Branches South Kolkata Down Town Branch President Mr. Ajit Kr. Sur 9830920181 [email protected]
Hon’y Secretary Mr. Ram Narayan Mandal 9836396734 [email protected]
Local Branches South Dumdum Paik Para Branch (SDPP) President Dr Sumit Poddar 9830059468 [email protected]
Hon’y Secretary Dr Abhik Sinha 8240607661 [email protected]
Local Branches IPHA Nuh (Mewat) Local Branch President Dr Pawan Goel 9412655800 [email protected]
Hon’y Secretary Dr Suraj Chawla 8607945945 [email protected]
Local Branches Darbhanga Branch President Dr Chittaranjan Roy 9334912765 [email protected]
Hon’y Secretary Dr. Prabhat Kumar Lal 9472059343 [email protected]
Local Branches East Godavari District Branch President Dr. Ratna Uma 9885100090 [email protected]
Hon’y Secretary Dr. G. Krishna Babu 9441530962 [email protected]
Local Branches Srinagar Local Branch President Dr. Mariya Amin Qurieshi 9906851099 [email protected]
Hon’y Secretary Dr. S. Muhammad Salim Khan 9419013699 [email protected]
State Branches Uttarakhand State Branch President Dr. S. D. Kandpal 9411311571 [email protected]
Hon’y Secretary Dr. Pradeep Aggarwal 9837215747 [email protected]
State Branches West Bengal State Branch President Dr Surajit Ghosh 9830074117 [email protected]
Hon’y Secretary Dr Sanjib Bandyopadhyay 7980596855 [email protected]
State Branches Andhra Pradesh State Branch President Dr. Kolli Sree Karuna Murthy 9440666991 [email protected]
Hon’y Secretary Dr. Sai Shankar Prathap 9440937678 [email protected]
State Branches Chandigarh State Branch President Dr. M. S. Kamboj 9872511260 [email protected]
Hon’y Secretary Dr. N. K. Goel 9646121536 [email protected]
State Branches Uttar Pradesh State Branch President Prof. Uday Mohan 9415408926 [email protected]
Hon’y Secretary Dr. S K Singh 9415086073 [email protected]
State Branches Rajasthan State Branch President Dr. Arvind Mathur 9829024569 [email protected]
Hon’y Secretary Dr. Pankaja Raghav 8003996904 [email protected]
State Branches Puducherry State Branch President Dr. Gautam Roy 9360263078 [email protected]
Hon’y Secretary Dr. Sitanshu S. Kar 9487896550 [email protected]
State Branches Telengana State Branch President Dr. B. Babu Rao Bolampalli 9502997692 [email protected]
Hon’y Secretary Dr. Rajeshwar Rao 9666951111 [email protected]
State Branches Maharashtra State Branch President Dr. Muralidhar P. Tambe 9423007898 [email protected]
Hon’y Secretary Dr. Madhukar Ramachandra Jagtap 9373643818 [email protected]
State Branches Delhi State Branch President Dr. Jayanta K. Das 9811121498 [email protected]
Hon’y Secretary Dr. Jugal Kishore 9868010950 [email protected]
State Branches Karnataka State Branch President Dr. H. B. Rajashekhar 9448140226 [email protected]
Hon’y Secretary Dr. Mubashir Angolkar 9886983624 [email protected]
State Branches Kerala State Branch President Dr. S.S. Lal 8547731121 [email protected]
Hon’y Secretary Dr. Althaf A. 9447155455 [email protected]
State Branches Gujarat State Branch President Dr. Dinkar Raval    
Hon’y Secretary Dr. Shailesh Sutariya 9978408140 [email protected]
Service Branches Railway Service Branch President Dr. Prasanna Kumar    
Hon’y Secretary Dr. Sujit Mallik 9433141064 [email protected]
Local Branches Bhubaneswar Local Branch


Hon’y Secretary

Dr. Sanghamitra Pati

Dr. Srikanta Kanungo



[email protected]

[email protected]

Non Functional

Category Branch Names Post Name of Members Mobile E Mail ID
Local Branches VSS Medical College, Burla Branch, Odisha President Prof. (Dr.) R. C. Giri 916632431456 [email protected]
Hon’y Secretary Dr. S. K. Pradhan 9811857724 [email protected]
Local Branches Kalyani Branch President Dr Sumit Mazumder 9717181028 [email protected]
Hon’y Secretary Dr. Supriyo Mitra 9851400300 [email protected]
Local Branches Vidarbha Local Branch, Nagpur President Dr. Madhukar Sitkar 9172406867 Not Available
Hon’y Secretary Dr. Yogendra Sawai 9421908087 [email protected]
Local Branches Dehradun Local Branch President Dr. S. D. Kandpal 9411311571 [email protected]
Hon’y Secretary Dr. Pradeep Aggarwal 9837215747 [email protected]
Local Branches Berhampur Local Branch President Prof. B.C. Das   Not Available
Hon’y Secretary Dr. Radha Madhab Tripathy 9437165815 [email protected]
Local Branches Guwahati Local Branch President Prof. U. C. Sharma    
Hon’y Secretary Dr. A. C. Vaishya 9954075427 [email protected]
Local Branches Gulbarga Local Branch President Dr. S. G. Tenglikar 9480262576  
Hon’y Secretary Dr. I. A. Swati 9902536576 [email protected]
Local Branches Behala Local Branch Kolkata President      
Hon’y Secretary Dr. N. K. Halder    
Local Branches Barrackpur Sub-Division Branch President Dr. Kuntal Biswas 9433348588 [email protected]
Hon’y Secretary Mr. Barun Kumar Ray 8017103117 [email protected]
Local Branches 24 Pgs (South), Diamond Harbour and Sunderban Branch President Dr. Abul Hasnat    
Hon’y Secretary Dr. Himadri Paul 9434300772 [email protected]
State Branches Manipur State Branch President Dr. Akoijam Brogen Singh 9436037373 [email protected]
Hon’y Secretary Dr. Somorjit Ningombam 9436036380 [email protected]
State Branches Arunachal Pradesh State Branch President Dr. Riken Rina 9436256347 [email protected]
Hon’y Secretary Dr. Jomnya Ado 9612751754 [email protected]
State Branches Tamilnadu State Branch President Dr. S. Elango (Deceased) 9443449115 [email protected]
Hon’y Secretary Dr. Ch. Satish Kumar 9840765825 (wrong no.) [email protected]
Service Branches E.S.I. Service Branch President Dr. Shovan Dutta    
Hon’y Secretary Dr. Shekhar Chatterjee