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Note: The sequence of the following entries from the beginning is – Name of the candidate; Date of birth; qualifications; present/past position, total professional experience in years; membership records in IPHA; membership particular of other Associate on society if any, Achievements, award and fellowship etc. Publications,  Any other information.

Dr Anupam Parashar: Life Membership No. : L/2002/HAR/3255

MBBS, MD (Community Medicine) Dr Anupam Parashar is the professor in Department of Community Medicine, Indira Gandhi Medical College(IGMC), Shimla, HP. He have received plenty of public Awards and also have plenty of publication where his name appears. He took active participation in many Research work and projects and have been member of many committees and professional bodies. His even contributed to the IPHA, and attended conferences. He took part in Indian journal of public health as a Reviewer. He also successfully attended trainings and workshops on HIV/AIDS Prevention and control, WHO Sponsored Training on health care of elderly, training on revised National TB Control programme, training on syndromic management of reproductive tract infection/sexually transmitted infection, WHO sponsored Capacity building workshop on model based HIV estimation for the Northern Region, workshop on ICMR task force study on consumption pattern  of carbonated soft drinks in Indian Population at different parts of the year; 7-8 April 2007, Ludhiana. Workshop on Research Methodology by Indian Council of Medical Research .

Dr. Pragti Chhabra: Life Membership No.- L/1995/DEL/0610

MBBS from Lady Hardinge Medical College New Delhi & MD from Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi.  Dr Pragti Chhabra is the Director professor of Department of Community Medicine, University college of Medical Sciences and GTB hospital, Delhi. Her name appears in many publications. She is also an author in many books. She took active part in international projects which was very much appreciated. She  was also  associated with many valuable projects , research work, and also have  supervised students who were involved in research work and projects, She took part in MD Thesis guided. Her contribution to IPHA is immense. She attended several Annual conferences even attended other conferences She served as an office bearer and she was also a reviewer for the many journals, i.e., WHO South East Asian Journal of Public Health, BMC Public Health, Reproductive Health, BMC pregnancy and child birth, Indian Journal of Community Medicine, IJPH. She is a member of many committees. Other significant contributions in the field of public health are organizing health education activities at school, colleges, Anganwadi centres, health centres and the community. Training for ICDS staffs, health workers, teachers on various health related topics. Delivered Radio talks on health related topics on ALL INDIA RADIO.

Dr. Arun Kumar Aggarwal:  Life Membership No. : L/2003/CHD/3450

MBBS, MD, (social and Preventive Medicine), DNB (Health & Hospital, Administration). Working presently Professor, School of Public Health ,PGIMER, Chandigarh. His contribution to public health is immense & played an important part in contributing to teaching, training and research in the field of public health . He also hold many awards in the field of public health namely “Australian Leadership Award Fellowship at Sydney University from 27th August 2012 to 19th November 2012, “WHO Fellowship on Health Care Financing, from 26th July 2009 to 22nd August 2009 at Chulalengkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. Plenty of publications https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?user=keW9zvcAAAAJ&hl=en, papers:79. He has been actively taking part in International Assignments-visited Maldives as UNICEF international assignment to assist the country in adopting and implementing IMNCI programme, short term consultant with WHO Geneva for a data analysis and manuscript writing. Completed 20 Research projects (extramural grants). He is an active member of several committees- “NTAGI, STSC, MOHFW, ICMR & many more. Served as Office bearer – Managing Editor of Indian Journal of Community Medicine & Treasurer of IAPSM & IPHA Chandigarh Chapter, also active member & office bearer in various capacities for Chandigarh Chapter of IPHA. International Consultant for Adoption of IMCI package for Maldives. UNICEF Maldives, National Observer, 3rd Common Review Mission of NRHM, visited Andhra Pradesh, 5-15th November 2009. Taking part in Receiving trainings in many occasion. He also have been actively taking part in Administrative, professional Association Works. He Successfully completed many projects, have also been great individual in taking part in projects, ongoing research schemes, meetings, Seminars, Workshop, Evaluations. He was also an invited speaker in many events.

Dr. Jagannath Vinayak Dixit: Life Membership No.: L/2001/MAH/3073

He is presently working as a Professor and Head of Preventive and Social medicine, Govt. Medical College, Latur. He is the one who have received many public health Awards- won 1st prize in the “Care for environment” contest organized by Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India in 1993, Won 1st prize in translation competition organized by Maruthi VIdnyan Mahasangh in 1991, Honored with Best Teacher (medical faculty) Award and Dr Shardini Dahanukar, received Dwarika Sangamnerker Foundation’s Shatayushi Award in 2012, Awarded Fellowship by Indian Society of Malaria and other Communicable Diseases in 1998 & Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine in 2016. Have various publications which includes papers and books namely “Principles and Practice of Biostatistics, 7th Edition”, “Effortless Weight loss”, “Principles and Practice of Medical Research, 3rd Edition”. He took part in international Assignments- participated as member of Bhavishya Alliance, a tripartite international initiative between UNILEVER, UNICEF & Govt. of Maharashtra for tackling the problem of malnutrition as representative from Govt. Also worked in many projects and research works actively. He is a member of several committees. He took part toward contribution to the IPHA. Attended several National & State conferences in India. Other significant contribution- Active in voluntary blood donation movement & campaigns and donated blood several times. Presently involved in “India free from obesity and diabetes” campaign. Delivered more than 200 lectures on the related topics. Served as office bearer: Worked as Jt. Organizing Secretary for State conference of IPHA at Aurangabad in 2001.

Dr. Shivendra Kumar Singh: Life Membership No.: L/2003/UP/3488

Born 1st December 1970, MD (SPM) 1998. Dr Shivendra Kumar Singh is the professor (Epidemiology), of  upgraded Department of community Medicine, KG Medical University UP, Lucknow. He is a life member of the professional bodies, i.e., UP Diabetic Association (UPDA), Indian Public Health Association(IPHA), Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine(IAPSM), Indian Dietetic Association(IDA), Indian Society for Medical Statistics(ISMS), Nutrition Society of India(NSI) & International Epidemiological Association (IEA) and more. Holding posts in several professional bodies as Ex- Executive member of governing council of IAPSM, Secretary of IPHA UP state Chapter, Member of Editorial Board of Indian Journal of Community Health, Ex-Joint Secretary , IAPSM UP& UK chapter, Treasurer, IDA and many more. He even organized conferences like the 42nd Annual national conference of Indian Association of preventive and social Medicine at KG Medical university UP, Lucknow, 42nd Annual national conference of Indian Dietetic Association at CSMMU, Lucknow, 12the Annual conference of Indian Association of Preventive and social Medicine UP and UK Chapter in Hind institute of Medical Science safedabad, barabanki, 26th Annual national conference of Indian Society for  medical statistics in Nainital and many more . Several Publications namely “  Why won’t mothers exclusively breastfeed their child – evidence from a prospective study in Lucknow District, UP. The Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics. 2016;53(1):81-81-90. “Filarial elimination in India missing its deadline-evidence from a cross sectional study of four districts of UP, International Journal of Tropical Diseases & Health. 2016; 13(1):1-7. & many more. He has been a guest lecturer in many occasion too . He has been actively taking part in program evaluations, workshop/Training/Symposium. Thesis guided/Co-guided, Morbidity Profile And out of Pocket Expenditure On The Health of Geriatric Population of Lucknow District, September, 2014, Study of Psychosocial And Health related Issues Among Elderly People of Lucknow, September 2012 and many more. He also did chaired /co-chaired scientific sessions-23rd Annual Conference of Indian Society of Hypertension, BPCON-2013 at Lucknow, UPDACON at Lucknow 2012 & many more. University Assignments: observer for theory examination at various Medical and Nursing Colleges, UP  & Centre In-charge for CPMT at District Moradabad, organized by KGMU Lucknow.

Lt. Col. Puja Dudeja: Life Membership No.:  L/2004/HAR/3881

She is presently working as an Associate professor, Department of Community Medicine, AFMC, Pune. Achieved many Public Health Awards- Awarded “DGAFMS Silver Medal for standing 1st in grading in Community Medicine in 2007”, “GOC-in – C Commendation card on 15th August 2008 for public health work in community at Ambala Station 2011”, “2nd best paper award in CME held at AFMC 2011 for the paper titled-‘Preventive strategies in Public Health- I have an idea’ & many more. She even have several publications, papers-“Health Promotion initiatives: An experience of a Well Women’s Clinic, Medical Journal Armed Forces India. 2013;(1), “Preference for male child in two semiurban communities of Pune, Journal for PG medicine, education & research. July-September 2013, 47 (3) : 144-47, “A cross sectional study to assess factors affecting family planning practices in two semiurban communities of a developing country. Academicia.2013; 3(9): 39-50, “Education the best contraceptive. International Research Journal of Management Science & Technology 2013;4(2):835-45 & many more. She has been a part of several projects and Research work-“Impact of an Intervention Package on Status of Conformance to Food Safety and Standards Regulations 2011 & Quality of Services in Eating Establishments of PGIMER, Chandigarh: An Intervention vs Control Comparison Study, “A cross sectional study to find out the prevalence of anaemia in non pregnant ladies of serving armed forces personnel in a military station and many more. Member of Swatri Bhai Phule Pune University Health Science Committee, Membership Drive Committee IPHA & Jt. Secretary IPHA Central Council. She has also given her precious time in developing two short films in hindi for training of food handlers World health day theme 2015 which is available in you tube namely – Gravy Extra, Food Safety: farm to fork, Home based detection of food adulteration. She did attended many conferences, served as a office bearer, served  actively in CC/Committee. Importantly she designed the food safety logo for hospitals.

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