IPHA Election FFC Report

Annexure 1

At the 63rd AGB during the declaration of result of Election few members created ruckus and misbehaved claiming that the election result is skewed. It was very unfortunate that the Election chairperson was mishandled and assaulted after the meeting.

At the first meeting of new Central council the incidence was condemned and CC  decided to take appropriate action against few of the erring members. At the same meeting CC decided to establish a committee of fact finding under the leadership Dr Pankaja Raghab.

The report of Fact finding committee has been successfully submitted within the stipulated time by Dr Pankaja Rraghav and her team. On behalf of President and all CC members I am congratulating Dr Pankaja Raghav Vice President West and her team for the honest effort. We are thankful to the committee for revealing the truth.

At this juncture I must thank Dr B Manna, Chairperson Election committee and all the members of the committee for the excellent job they have performed with great dedication and honesty.

IPHA has made a history of transparent voting system for its members, and it became possible only for those members who untiringly served the Association during the process of election.

The report of the committee has been received and I am sharing with you all.

There was no foul play on the part of the HQ and Election committee. It is very clear from the list that the winner of the election has received negligible vote in the debated extended 2 hours, but the benefit went to those who could not win.

The report is attached herewith.

Thanks and Regards

Dr Sanghamitra Ghosh

Secretary General, Indian Public Health Association