The 63rd Annual General Body Meeting of the IPHA will be held on 1st February, 2019 at the venue of the Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh from 5.00 p.m. onwards.


The Agenda of the meeting are as follows.

Agenda 1. Election of the chairperson of the meeting (if necessary).

Agenda 2. Confirmation of the minutes of previous Annual General Body Meeting.

Agenda 3. Adoption of Annual Report 2018 (including report of branches and functional sub       committees).

Agenda 4. Adoption of audited statement of accounts.

Agenda 5. Consideration of the budget estimate for the period April –March 2019-20.

Agenda 6. Declaration of the results of the election communicated by the Annual Central Council and taking up necessary action for election of the Office bearers, Central Council members and Editorial Board members if any, as per the norms and announcing the names of the members so elected.

Agenda 7. Confirmation of Appointment of Auditors.

Agenda 8. Report of IPHA Constitution Amendment Committee.

Agenda 9. Consideration of resolution brought forward by individual member(s) of the Association.

Agenda 10. Discussion regarding the next Annual Conference.

Agenda 11. IJPH related issues

Agenda 12. Proposals for felicitations, fellowships, orations, Award and    prizes.

Agenda 13. Any other matter with permission of the chair.




Dr. Sanghamitra Ghosh

Secretary General, 

Indian Public Health Association (IPHA)

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